• This is a WebSDR receiver, located at AIGINIO near Thessaloniki KN10GL66UW........ Receiver info:
  • 70cm/2m: Receiver RTL 2832, Antenna DIAMOND x510 Vertical
  • 6m(when band it's open) : Receiver RTL 2832, Antenna 2el yagi Horizontal Αntenna QTF 310
  • 2mSSB: Receiver RTL 2832, Antenna 10el yagi Horizontal Αntenna QTF 310 (for GRAVES reflection via meteor )
  • 80m/40m: Receiver RTL 2832 with up-converter. Antenna Windom
  • 40m: Testing FiFi sdr receiver. Many tnx to Sakis SV2AMK for the test.
  • It is operated by sv2hnh......., e-mail .....@........
  • More information about the WebSDR project can be found on http://www.websdr.org.

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